Technology has touched all facets of human lives and travel is no exception. There have been innovative technologies that disrupted different aspects of travel and focused on replacing traditional tour operators. But we realize the crucial role of a tour operator in the overall travel industry.

Our journey with Travelexic started around two years ago, with an idea to plug-in gaps on the post booking stage of travel. Being seasoned travellers and tech geeks, we wanted to leverage mobile technology and optimize on journey experience. In other words, remove all obstacles on the road to a memorable holiday.

Easier said than done ! As nearly 70% of all multi-city travel was offline and catalysed by, the original flag bearers of the travel industry, the tour operators/travel agents. Our solution would have been incomplete if we left them out of the picture. Thus, the ‘Travelexic Eco-bridge’ was born!

Travelexic goes far beyond just being a simple CRM for travel agents and tour operators. It further helps the agents connect the dots, facilitating seamless communication between service providers and across departments. All touch points of a customers lead2repeat cycle is optimised for efficiency and quality. It even extends to back-end operations that may adversely impact the customers experience and is therefore the Best Travel Agency Software available. The cherry on the top of the lead2repeat solution is our fully White-Labelled Mobile Application for a Travel Agency that allows you to offer value long after the trip, resulting in better connects and higher profits.

Our Mission

To use cloud and mobile technology to improve quality of business processes and enhance end traveller experience.

Our Vision
To create an interconnected ecosystem of partners that encompass all touch points of travel so as to facilitate seamless flow of communication and unlock value for all stakeholders involved.

Travelexic Eco-Bridge

Our Team

A maverick business development manager, who is always on the prowl for potential partnerships. He remains wired 24X7 and counts problem solving and negotiation among his key strengths.
Meet our Ops Ninja who’s always on the phone or in the field making sure our platform is running smooth. Our business or yours, he knows it better, and will help you with an end to end support any time of the day or night.
He works around the clock to ensure that we are always up and updated. A true engineer by heart, always experimenting with his codes.

Whether your App needs an upgrade or bugs need fixing, Sumit has got your back. He loves to code and keeps experimenting new ways of making us better.


She is petit in size but a creative giant. She uses coral draw and photoshop, as her weapons of choice. When not designing for Travelexic, she is designing for fun.

He works from our head office but has been around the world virtually. He knows about all the happening places in the world and fuels travelexic with all the content, there is.

Winner of Best Experiential Travel App, 2017