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I’m sure you all work hard and getting that metaphorical, “pat on the back” can go a long way in making the effort feel worthwhile. But let’s be honest, how often are your efforts acknowledged, let aside appreciated.

To understand why appreciation is so rare, let’s try to delve a little into what makes us ‘appreciative’. 

We are appreciative when we get something more than we expect – not just the normal, but beyond the normal. We are appreciative when we see someone has gone above and beyond their call of duty to make you comfortable or feel special. It’s a feeling you experience when you realize that significant thought has been put into the tiniest of detail and you are empowered to go about your business without a worry on your mind. In other words, the devil is in the details, my friends.

Now, the question is, how does one make this possible? That’s a legitimate concern, considering there is just so much one needs to keep in mind when executing an “Incentive Group”. There are hotel and activity bookings, flight issuance, the VISA doc collection & verification process, biometric & interview coordination, travel document distribution, and, finally, on-ground execution. And we all know how stressful and time-consuming all this can be.

In this high stress and time scarce environment, how does one find the time or the mental bandwidth to fill in those gaps? In other words, when do you really engage the travellers other than delivering on that bare minimum expectation? On second thoughts, you could offer free room upgrades, the finest food, or – better yet – unlimited supply of alcohol. These could certainly tilt the gratitude index in your favour, but let’s be serious – that’s not exactly viable, is it?

MICE operators work under tremendous pressure and constraints to deliver an experience at the lowest possible cost. Additionally, the scope of error is practically ‘zilch’ since the slightest mistake will most likely cost you subsequent groups or, worse yet, your payments being withheld.

Don’t despair just yet, there is still a way to raise the bar and experiential travel technologies like Travelexic may just be your proverbial ‘Knight in shining armour’.

The Travelexic solution is all about enabling MICE operators in India to achieve efficiencies across the various processes of group management and, thus, unlocking time that can be channelized to create that  all too elusive experience. Additionally, the solution offers a wide range of broadcast notification formats for engagement, namely – textual, image-based, video, and, finally, actionable. That’s not all – the system generated SMS reminders for biometric and interview dates let the group members know that you have their back.

Here’s all that you can do with more time:

  •        Add immersive elements to the travel itinerary that stresses on experiences over standardized itineraries. Example: Remember hearing from an agent on how he had a convoy of bikes to pick up the guests from the Airport.
  •        Engage with the hotels to organize a special welcome or farewell experience.
  •        Click a group picture and share it as a postcard with a personalized note, at the end of the trip.
  •        Prepare a personal video message as a thank you note at the end of the tour.
  •        Create a member engagement strategy before and during the tour.

 A few ideas on how experiential technologies such as Travelexic may be leveraged for engagement:

– People love to be informed about where they are going and sharing bite-sized information about the destination is a great way to make them aware and ensure your effort gets seen.

Note: Use textual or image based notification informing them about what to expect, common phrases to use, etiquette, specific pointers, best flying practices, time difference, essentials-to-carry, etc.

– Corporate Incentive Travel is a way for companies to thank their internal and external partners for their loyalty and support                                   

Note: Use a video message from the leadership team to personally thank the channel partners.

– If members were to realize the utility of the agenda APP you share with them, they will certainly use it and derive value. Not to mention, you guys look great in the process.             

Note: Actionable notifications are a great way to help them explore different modules while also engaging with them. A good example is when you share currency and link to currency converter for live data.

– Use the rich destination content provided on the Travelexic’s travel mobile app and let the members plan all the things they wish to bring back for their kith’s and kin.

Note: A notification sharing a few local must-buys linked to the ‘About’ section on the travel app will go a long way in creating that WOW factor.

– No one likes to miss a tour or make others wait. Yet, they sometimes lose track

Note: Use reminder notifications to ensure your group stays on course and no one misses a beat

 For best results, templatize and pre-schedule these notifications to make them appear exactly when required. A well thought out strategy will not only lead to increased member engagement, but also bring down the workload of the handler and the client servicing team.

Did I mention, there are numerous upselling and income generation opportunities to be unlocked with the Travelexic MICE solution? With Travelexic, the only thing between you and a delightful customer experience is your will and a little bit of creativity.

Get on the Travelexic Platform for MICE Operators in India and design your customer engagement plan now.

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