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Share travel documents and collect feedback

Use the Travelexic Web dashboard to share travel documents and collect feedback.

Wow your customers!

Whether a corporate or the end travellers, wow them with beautiful itineraries and immersive features. Including weather forecast, do’s and dont’s, emergency numbers so forth

Dynamic Itinerary
Update changes to all itineraries and share these updates as notifications to all members, real time

Save your headache

Now share tour details through your very own whitelabelled mobile app. No need to worry about edits, amendments, design or even printing. We’ve got you covered!

Available in offline mode

All the itineraries can be accessed on the mobile in offline mode. So network or not, your itinerary is always available.

Keep Group members in the loop

Whether a delay in plan or a change in agenda, broadcast changes to all, real time.

Tour manager app

Tour manager app, gives the tour managers easy access to itinerary and the broadcast tool, makes communication easy


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