COVID-19 aka Corona has affected all of us and most of all – the travel and tourism industry. If industry-specific reports are to be believed, at least 20-30% of all travel agents and tour operators are expected to go out of business in the next few months. In stark contrast, global experts see this as a great opportunity for offline tour operators to evolve and prepare for the demand that will indeed follow. 

A SKIFT report had predicted a resurgence of offline tour operators in the Post COVID world. For one, many would-be risk-averse, hence, prefer using the services of a neighbourhood travel agent. Moreover, travellers abysmal experience with OTAs –mishandling of cancellations, poor communication, and support during the early stages of the outbreak, should further precipitate this trend.

In other words, this could be a great opportunity for companies that use their time wisely and invest in rebooting their business.

Travelexic is one such solution that finds the right balance between the old way and the new way. We believe the core strength of an offline tour operator lies in their ability to personalize and humanize the experience. We ensure in this new normal of automation, the same is not lost. We create these opportunities for human touch while augmenting their capabilities. 

Travelexic 2.0 comes with certain COVID-focused features that help you both – manage internal operations and increase your relevance to a Post-COVID traveller.

The features are as follows:

  1. WFH TOOLS: WFH, as a concept, has been around for a while but never has it held more relevance, than now. The new normal will mean a certain level of normalization to work-from-home (WFH) teams and in lieu of that Travelexic has incorporated certain WFH specific tools. The tools are tailored towards ease of tracking of team productivity, executive audit trails, simplifying collaboration through integration with SKYPE etc.
  2. Customer retention and engagement tools: Most tour operators have come to realize the benefit of building their own micro-ecosystem of loyal customers. In other words, a captive and engaged audience would be most likely to travel through you compared to a new customer. Our post-booking mobile solution lets you engage customers post-booking through in-APP broadcast notifications. Additionally, we offer integration with large bulk email services.
  3. Customer information and personalization: Travelexic’s new dashboard introduces a CRM that gives you easy access to customer-level information on past bookings, sales value and customer description tags. Use customer data to build loyalty program, tailor marketing communication and personalize suggestions to increase customer retention.
  4. Contactless Hotel Check-in: Travellers are going to be wary even once the COVID count starts to stabilize. Among the things that are expected to be top of their minds is minimizing contact to limit the risk of infection. With that in mind, we are pleased to share our new feature of Contactless Hotel Check-in, wherein you can ensure your customers do not have to bother with sharing their ID at check-in. The same will be shared with the hotel well in advance through the Travelexic customer APP.
  5. LIVE Corona Tracker: Reassuring guests at the time of planning will be key to ensuring they commit to the plan. Travelexic dashboard has been equipped with a COVID tracker and live feed from MOHFW. Your team remains updated with the most recent count and can guide the traveller appropriately.
  6. Paperless Travel and E-boarding Pass: The government has made self-scanning of E-boarding passes mandatory. More so, the rampant use of digital tools in this period of lockdown has made people across age groups mobile friendly. Our fully white-labelled mobile solution ( itinerary APP) not only lets the traveller access boarding passes offline but will offer you (the tour operator) a channel to share agenda, travel document, and many add-ons to enhance the overall experience – including curated content, weather forecast, currency converter, flight status, etc.
  7. Productivity and data analysis tools: The Post-COVID world may be vastly different and create a new breed of tech-savvy travel consultants. You will require business insights and productivity tools to help augment the capabilities of your teams. Additionally, proper business forecasting and vendor knowledge will be essential to planning your marketing budgets. Also, optimizing time utilization will be important when dealing with limited manpower.

Travel and Tourism will certainly change in the times to come but the fundamentals of assisted travel, i.e., human touch and personalization are not going anywhere. 

Reach out to us for a product demo or to understand how Travelexic can assist you in being the best version of yourself.

For a list of detailed features, click here.

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