Tour Manager Application


Tour managers STAY AHEAD

Access to dynamic itinerary through the tour manager app ensure they stay ahead.

EASY communication = SEAMLESS management

Use broadcast notification or chatting module to seamlessly communicate any changes or developments within the group.

Manage segmented COMMUNICATION

Break-down groups basis of hubs, airline and personalize communication within them.

Keep your eyes on the MONEY

Use the expense management module in app to record expenses within categories such as food, lodging, activity etc and access on excel later.

Track MEMBERS on the go

Use the QR code scanner to track attendance of each member. Manage attendance manually or by scanning a QR code. Get information on ‘no shows’ and keep anxiety levels in check

NEVER misplace a thing

Use the QR code scanner to track and update inventory for all event belongings and merchandise.

ENGAGE through Live Groups

Use image feed to engage travellers through the trip. Run activities, share images or text. Keep them engaged

Learn through POLLS

Create polls on the go and capture and view responses directly through the TM app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, see our support center.

No, the tour manager app is linked to an event or a group and assigned on a number. The app won’t give you access to any details till the registered mobile number of the tour manager is used to login.

Yes, the tour manager app has an expense management module that maybe used to both record expense as well as income. The same maybe differentiated through ‘tags’.

Yes, most features on the tour manager app maybe used offline including expense management, accessing agenda so forth. However, certain features including broadcasting, attendance tracker, and real-time member list requires data connectivity.

Yes, multiple tour managers may use the number of the primary tour manager to login on the APP. They will have access to all the features as the primary and can independently manage their expenses. They may even push broadcasts and manage their chats independently.

You may use the polling module in the APP or the web dashboard to create a poll. While creating, you are required to define validity of poll, the question and acceptable response. The responses can be viewed through the TM app or web dashboard in real time.

This lets you define whether you would want to restrict the traveller to a single or multi selection.
This may depend on the question, for example: Response to: ‘What is your meal preference?’, will elicit a single selection. While, ‘What activities would you like us to include in the day?’ will elicit multiple selections.

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