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MICE stands out as one of the most unorganized and scattered verticals in the travel domain. At the same time, it is one of the fastest growing travel domains, generating millions of dollars income consistently. As the size and the extent of corporate meetings grow bigger, so do the budgets.

Innovation & Technology is playing a deeper role in organizing and executing these events and, of course, in optimizing budget spends. The key issue for the MICE business isn’t around demand – it is around delivering up to the expectations.

What Travelexic offers?

  • Quick turnaround time:

You can be up and running with a co-branded and customized travel mobile application in, as little as, 48 hours.

  • Creating a custom app can cost a fortune:

Creating a customised mobile app can be expensive and a time-consuming exercise, especially when building something from the scratch. Using the Travelexic framework, you can have yourself a fully functional, white-labelled app at only a fraction of the cost.

  • Digital agenda/itinerary app:

In line with our vision for paperless travel, the MICE operators can now share a digitized agenda with all attendees/travellers in a flash. Apart from offering convenience to the traveller, digital agenda saves operators the hassle of communicating last minute changes through dynamic updates, i.e., any change made on the control panel, reflects, real-time on the customer mobile travel app. Managing change can now be handled in a jiffy, courtesy the Travelexic travel itinerary app.

  • Document management:

Pre-travel operational challenges associated with document collection (such as passport copies) can now be handled seamlessly through the Travelexic document module. The group members simply need to take a picture of the required travel documents and hit ‘Upload’. The document automatically gets downloaded onto the agent’s dashboard. Document sharing has never been easier – one can share flight tickets, travel insurance, e-VISA, etc., with all the group members in one go, saving crucial time while sharing documents. This can be a great way for companies to share promotional catalogues, product literature, key speaker session reference notes et al, with all the participating/ non-participating attendees.

  • Mass personalization:

The desire of brands to deliver mass personalization at scale with direct messaging to anyone, anywhere, at any time via mobile has been incorporated into the Travelexic platform.  Its Event Manager feature can be used by the event company or the corporate to send in-app messages to the group members on the move. At the same time, the corporate/event management team can shoot messages using the web dashboard while at the office.  An option to send HTML links has also been incorporated.

  • Destination information:

An outstation event creates a unique challenge of disseminating local information. There will always be a group of participants who are more adventurous than others.  Do’s and Don’ts of that region, what souvenir to take back home and from where, places to see when you have free time, what local food to eat and where, are information that can help add value to individual experiences.

  • Feedback:

Participant feedback is an important part of the event post-mortem and a significant input to planning the next event. Feedback collection on the hotels, daily experiences and the overall impact of the event is a herculean task. The Travelexic itinerary app makes this a cakewalk.  The app prompts the group members to leave their feedback on the app at appropriate times. This feedback is transferred in real-time to the Travelexic dashboard and can be used for dynamic interventions.

For the MICE industry and corporation, using a web-mobile solution, means an opportunity to deliver messages and create value at scale. The future will increasingly require more dependence on Travelexic-like solutions as the answer for event management, execution, and tracking participation.

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